"Mike, The door arrived here Friday and its awesome!!!! It has been a big hit with all the guys and i cant get them to stop using it! Once again THANK YOU!!!"
V/R Sergeant John Thomas /  Bay District Volunteer Fire Department / Lexington Park, MD


"When the members of my fire dept. and myself saw the Forcible entry door at the L.I. Fire Expo we knew we had to have this piece of training equipment. As a department that prides our self in how we train this was a must have. We have tried other forcible entry doors in the past but none of them can compare to this one. This forcible entry door allows you to practice just about every type of forcible entry method out there because its not just one door it is actually made up of two doors, now you can properly train how to force doors that open away from you and doors that open toward you, as well as giving you the feel of forcing a door that would you would have to force in a real world scenario. We leave this door at our main house so our members can practice forcible entry when ever they please. I can confidently say since we purchased this valuable piece of training equipment my department is much more efficient in our forcible entry skills".

Lt. Dominic Albanese/ Deer Park Fire Department / Deer Park, NY


"Thank you very much for the delivery and training on our Firehouse Innovations forcible entry training prop.  For years the Fairbanks Fire Department has struggled with providing new recruits and existing firefighter’s realistic training in conventional forcible entry techniques.  For the past several years I had researched several different commercially available props, and even considered attempting to design our own prop, before we found yours.  The Firehouse Innovations training prop is the best designed and built prop for conventional forcible entry techniques I have ever seen.

It is obvious years of experience, research and development went into your design.  The capability of performing gapping, spiking doors, conventional forcing and the ability to use hydraulic forcible entry tools makes this prop extremely versatile.   All the wear points are replaceable and the prop is designed to be virtually maintenance free.

Your training videos both on use of the prop and forcible entry techniques are outstanding.  They are thorough and extremely well done- your dedication and passion for sharing the art of forcible entry is apparent.  They have been a very useful review for our firefighters and we are using it as part of our initial training for new recruits.

Your customer service is top notch and we look forward to working with you in the future.  Thanks again for developing such an outstanding product".

Captain Brian Davis /  Fairbanks Fire Department / Fairbanks, Alaska


"I attended FDIC this past week, and it was the first time I had ever used a training simulator of this caliber. There is only so much you can learn from a video or lecture, and finding a way to get hands on training can be disassemble for transport and can provide several types of scenarios. It’s a must have for fire academies and departments, and will be worth every penny. Thanks to Mike and all the guys that put the man hours in making these doors and instructing".

Lt. Jordan Samson / Englewood Fire and Rescue / Englewood, Ohio


"This training tool is by far the most superior and versatile tool that i have seen for forcible entry anywhere. We use it all the time here and have benefited greatly from it. It has helped us all keep our skills sound and "battle ready" as well as help us prepare our incumbent  firefighters. Thank you again for your help and i hope this finds you well". 

FF Casey King / Rockville Volunteer Fire Department / Rockville, Maryland


"Hi Mike,
My name is Myles Jenkyns. I'm 26 yrs old and will be starting in the stations on Feb 1 with the Winnipeg Fire Department. At the training academy we watched your
forcible entry videos and then practiced the techniques on the same door prop in the video. I would just like to thank you for creating something so important
that we can train on. I went into that video not knowing the proper way to force a door, but the way you explained the techniques and showed tips was so very
helpful. I feel so much more confident now that I know how to use the tool properly. Thank you very much, all of us firefighters appreciate it!"

Myles C.R. Jenkyns


"Just wanted to let you know that we completed Department wide Forcible Entry training on both my career and volunteer fire departments - Your props took a ton of abuse and are still holding strong! The portability of the Multi-Force has made it extremely easy to transfer it from station to station and the size of the doors have allowed us to use it in scenario based training as well. Thanks for creating such great simulators and sharing your expertise with others. Your contributions to the fire service are long reaching and have helped more firefighters than you will ever know! All the best brother".

Captain Dale G. Pekel / Engine 53 / City of Wauwatosa Fire Department


"Mike, I just wanted to say thanks for yesterday. Gabe, Henry and I had a blast with you and learned a ton. As soon as we got back to the firehouse, we set the door up and the guys started using it right away. Everybody is really excited to train with it. As soon as we work out scheduling, we are definitely going to have you down for a class. I'll talk to the guys at Warminster and arrange for them to bring their simulator down as well. Extend our thanks to your wife as well for putting up with us, and thanks to you both for your hospitality. Regards".

Chuck Fox / Penndel Fire Company / Penndel Pennsylvania


"Just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful product. A few years ago I had the opportunity to try your door prop at FDIC and I immediately knew the benefit to our firefighters. In 2011, the Monroe County Public Safety Training Facility purchased the forcible entry door system and we couldn't be happier with its performance. At this point, the door has been used by thousands of Firefighters. It provides exceptional training and is superior in every way to any other system that I've ever used. Please feel free to add us to your list of happy customers and we would be happy to have anyone that's thinking about the system to stop by for a demo".

Jay France / Program Coordinator, Fire / Rescue - Public Safety Training Facility / Assistant Chief - North Greece Fire District


"Recently we conducted training at our Fire Academy using 3 of your doors. The training encompassed over 75 companies and over 300 personnel. These doors were put through the paces and held up flawlessly as well as provided a level of training and realism unmatched anywhere else. You also provide a level of customer service and support other companies should admire".

Lt. Jason Martin / Fort Myers Fire Academy Director


"Mike, I just wanted to take another moment to tell you thank you again for making the trip down here, and putting on a phenomenal training class for the whole department. I continue to hear from the guys that that was one of, if not the best class they have taken in the fire service. That feedback is from the newest firefighter to the ones pushing retirement. Your prop is great, and does everything that’s advertised. I certainly hope we will be able to add one in the future. Again I really appreciate what you did for our department".
Firefighters Jake and Tina Sanders / Hilton Head Island Fire Department



"The Lacy Lakeview, TX Fire Department would like to thank you for creating such a great training product, our guys absolutely loved training on it and learned a lot from your videos we are excited for the training that our members will be able to receive".

Stephen Negratti / Lacy Lakeview, TX Fire Department


"I believe after 34+ years on the job hands on repetitive training is always the best way to train firefighters. With that said, your videos in my opinion are a MUST to set the stage for successful Forcible Entry! Keep up the good work, stay safe and keep the videos (tips) coming".

Captain David R. Smith / Rescue 341,Toronto Fire / Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Good morning Mike, this is Rob Dusenbery from South High School in Wichita Kansas.
The forcible entry door that you sent to us is FANTASTIC!!! – My classroom is divided into two rooms, so our “fire structure” is always in the back room. In the past, students would pretend to have to force the door, but would ultimately jus turn the knob and go in. – NOW they must force a door every time they make entry (for fire attack or for search). – They’re really getting the hang of it using he techniques from your videos. This will really help them shine (if we ever get to participate in competitions again).

This prop is a great addition to my program, and will serve the students in the fire science program for years to come.
Thanks again!