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"These doors possibly headed to you!"

 How Can You Go Wrong with Over 2,000 Doors In Use?

This patented door system is by far the most realistic and versatile forcible-entry training device on the market today.  You can train your members using every technique which applies to inward-opening doors, outward-opening doors, left-hand and right-hand swinging door, with metal or wood jambs, using halligan and flat head axe or maul.  Hydra Ram and rabbit tool can also be used. 

This forcible-entry simulator will train firefighters for these types of doors encountered in day-to-day firefighting.

To improve the forcible-entry efficiency of your department and the firefighters under your command, you need to practice the many forcible-entry techniques that can be performed on the Multi-Force door, and perform them often.

The quicker the door gets forced, the quicker water gets to the fire.  All firefighters know that when  there is a quick entry, which leads to water being applied to the fire quicker, more lives and property are saved.  Give your firefighters and the civilians they protect better odds with better training.  Train with the best prop made for forcible-entry training.  Train with the Multi-Force forcible-entry door system.

Watch the video and you’ll see what we mean.”  

Thank you.


One nice feature of this forcible entry door prop is that it can be assembled in about five minutes, and broken down in probably less time than that. The whole prop can fit into the back of a pickup truck or van without any problems. The longest pieces (the two jambs) are only 71" long. Chances are the door you put up at your firehouse, probably will never be transported anywhere, but it is a nice option to have.

The resistance encountered can also vary, from light to medium to slightly heavier resistance.
Light  = 3/4" x 1 1/2"  x  1 ' long.
Heavier  =  1 1/2" x 1 3/16" x 1' long. 

When the door is forced open, the wood resistance 99% of the time will not break through fully, which will allow for a secondary forcing method on the same door. This is a good way to show the student that there is a Plan A, Plan B etc. to forcing doors.

By simply installing our Angle-Iron feature to the door, you can simulate those high security apartment or commercial building doors we may one day encounter. Be Prepared !!!

Incorporate our door into various search and firefighter removal drills at your fire academy or firehouse. Going through the motions is key when working with a forcible entry team and an engine company standing by with a charged hoseline to make entry into the fire area as seen below.



We offer three types of shipping options:

1) Product pickup at our location

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3) Local Delivery

Although the Multi-Force door fully assembled weighs in at approximately 770 pounds, it can be easily disassembled in less than five minutes into six parts (base plate, two side jambs, top header, and two doors).  These six parts can easily fit into a pick-up truck or van.  This makes transporting the prop between fire stations simple and easy.










The door breaks down into 6 parts and can be loaded into any sized
pickup truck or van in minutes

Another very important feature of the Multi-Force door is that we have two swinging doors.  This feature allows firefighters to force doors that swing to the left as well as doors that swing to the right.  As we all know, the gapping techniques as well as the spiking techniques or (baseball swing as some call it), are completely different for left-hand swinging doors as opposed to right-hand swinging doors.  Having both left and right-hand swinging doors gives the firefighter tremendous advantage in being able to practice the different ways that the gapping technique and spiking techniques are applied depending on the swing of the door.


If you had a prop with only one door and you wanted to practice the spiking method (also known as the baseball swing method), you would only be able to swing the spike of the halligan bar into the wood jamb simulator from one particular side!  That would be great if every inward-opening door with a wooden jamb that we encounter in the real world, at a real fire, opened the same way you practiced.  But guess what, 50% of the time the door swings from the opposite side.  You need to practice your left-handed swing as well as your right-handed swing.  Let’s face it, we all have a weaker swing from one side as opposed to the other.  This two-door feature allows you to improve your swing greatly from your weaker side, as well as make your strong side swing even stronger.

Remember also that the gapping method used on an inward-opening metal jamb door is also different for left and righ-hand swinging doors.

The importance of having two doors on a forcible-entry prop to simulate these scenarios that you will encounter, cannot be overstated.

With Metal Jambs

These are doors you would most likely encounter in an apartment building or similar situation (Angle Iron, which covers the locking area on some apartment doors in high crime areas can also be attached to this door if desired).

With Metal Jambs

These are doors you would most likely encounter on a commercial building’s exterior entrance or exit.  Also bulkhead doors on the roof of tenements and apartment buildings, also open outward.

Inward-Opening Doors With Wooden Jambs

These doors are mainly encountered in private dwellings.  For most of the country these are the most prevalent doors.

The Firehouse Innovation's Cutting Station is the most inexpensive way to cut locks and rebar, and most importantly be able to blast the (lock body) from the (shackles) over and over and over again. No more having to buy locks or finding locks to have your members train on how to defeat a pad lock. With this Cutting Station you can cut the shackles of the lock as well as blast the lock body from the shackles with either a Halligan bar or a Duckbill tool or a combination of both. Watch the video and you will see what we mean.










New add-on feature on our door is geared towards Law Enforcement and Military door breaching operations using a battery ram and forcible entry tools. This video shows how these agencies can use our door prop for breaching and entering training. It can also show how the Halligan tool can be used in conjunction with the battering ram for quicker and safer access. Contact us today and ask us for more information about this door feature for Law Enforcement and Military use.

The training props featured in this site and in our videos are designed by Mike Perrone and are
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by Mike Perrone.  All props are made in the U.S.A.

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