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My name is Mike Perrone. I retired from the FDNY back in November of 2014 with 33 years of service in the department. I retired out of the  "EAST NEW YORK TRUCKIN CO"  Ladder 175 East New York Brooklyn, where I served the last 25 years of my FDNY career. In September of 1981 I started my career in a Great Engine company, Engine 236, also located in East New York Brooklyn.  I then transferred in April of 1989 to what I believed at the time, and still believe even more so to this day, is the very best Truck Co on the job, Ladder 175.   I thank God and consider myself truly blessed to have had the opportunity to serve in two of the very best fire company's in the FDNY. I wish everyone reading this could have the same good fortune that I have had fighting fires along side of some of the greatest firefighters and friends anyone could ever ask for.

May God bless and protect you all.



  • Mike is a retired member of the FDNY with 33-Years of service.

  • 5 years teaching FDIC H.O.T. Forcible Entry classes.

  • Past Instructor at FDNY Fire Academy, Probationary Firefighters School.

  • Set the current curriculum for FDNY Mobile FE Class as well as Probationary schools FE training program.

  • Forcible Entry Instructor to the U.S. Navy Seals Breacher Instructors at their Breacher class at Fort A.P. Hill, VA on 02/14/12

  • Forcible Entry Instructor for U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) Squad at FDNY Academy on 03/16/13

  • Held dozens of FE classes for numerous paid and volunteer departments all over the U.S. over the past 8 years.

  • Designed and created the Multi-Force Forcible Entry training door prop. 



Engine 332 and Ladder 175 "Bradford St." celebrate Mike Perrone being awarded the Chief Wesley Williams Medal at this years 2014 FDNY Medal Day ceremony. A good time had by all!

Mike being awarded the Chief Wesley Williams Medal at this years (2014) Medal Day ceremony. 

Mike entering window off L-175's Arial ladder at fire on Milford Ave. East New York, Brooklyn.

The gentleman on the far left is the late great Lt. Tommy Bohn of L-111 who was working in L-175 for the day. Tommy was a great guy RIP Tom

A young lady from the neighborhood wanted a picture with us. Go figure

Kevin Zeneski and Mike after fire somewhere in East New York, Brooklyn

Mike and Kenny Haskell after job in East New York, Brooklyn

Mike, Dean Psathas and Capt. Pat Ginty after job.

Me and Steve Koenig. Looks like we had a good job there.

Giving Cow Dog a bath in the back yard of the firehouse.

Mike and fellow L-175 member Jimmy Denn after fire in ENY. Jimmy looking a little ruffed up but fire could not get the best of him. 

 Mike, Dean Psathas and Kevin Connolly after a top floor fire on Van Siclen Ave.



Dale Pekel, Mike Perrone and Bedros (ROCK) O'Hanian, Capt. Pekel and Lt. O'Hanian came for a visit to NY from Milwaukee and we were thrilled to have them hang with us for a couple of days. These two great men helped us out tremendously after hurricane Sandy. Thanks again my Brothers, your always welcome on Bradford Street

Roaring four story vacant building. A true surround and drown.

Here I am sitting with three long time and very close friends. Top left - Joe Marrata, Top right - Paul Rynston
Bottom left - Mike M'cLaughlin Bottom right - Myself

Great crew ! Good times !

Having a good time depicting Washington's crossing the Delaware river using someone's canoe in the parking lot of the firehouse. These 4 Brothers in this picture with me are 4 of the very best Firemen that I ever had the pleasure to work with.  


Mike talking with Capt Tony Tricarico from Sq. 252 on L-175's turntable after fire on Schenck Ave


From left to right, Mike Perrone, Lt. Bob Majeski, Paul Rynston, Gary Velella, Danny Donaghue and "White Mike" Mclaughlin.


The training props featured in this site and in our videos are designed by Mike Perrone and are

available through Firehouse Innovations, Corp. which is owned and operated
by Mike Perrone.  All props are made in the U.S.A.

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