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The door is transported to numerous in-service companies working the day tour.




FDIC 2010 - HOT Drills - Indianapolis, Indiana


I was one of the attendees who had the distinct pleasure of attending your hands-on training session recently held at Sayville Fire Dept. The guys from my fire department that attended that day cannot stop taking about the excellent experience that you guys provided. As we are all aware, in the volunteer service, it's a rarity that we get the opportunity to get a vacant house where we can practice forcible entry.  And let's face it, the forcible entry props that we build in the rear of the firehouse or at the training centers, just don't simulate the "real thing". Your door allows the brothers to train like it's the real thing each and every time and allows them the unparallel ability to practice all the forcible entry techniques necessary in today's fire service. Whether they're a new probie or a seasoned veteran, every firefighter is guaranteed to walk away with an increased sense of knowledge and confidence in the art of conventional forcible entry. With over 18 years in the fire service, I can undoubtedly say that your multi-force door is the best forcible entry prop that I have ever had the opportunity to use. The finest compliment I can give to you is my continuous praise and admiration of the level of experience and technique that you provide to all that attend your training sessions.  I will forever be a supporter of your multi-force door and have urged the need for your instruction to my fire department and to our neighboring fire departments as well.  Thank you again for the experience and I look forward to establishing a semi-annual refresher for my entire department to appreciate.

- Ex-Chief Safety Officer John R. Giacoppi / Centerport Fire Department, Centerport, NY  

Season 1 / Episode 6

Mike Perrone and the Multi-Force Forcible Entry Door System was featured on a TV series on the National Geographic Channel's Going Deep with David Rees Season 1 Episode 6 in an episode about how doors, locks, and opening things work.

Click here to watch the video

City of Bridgeton Fire Department pickup their new door.

FDNY Engine 207 / Ladder 110 Get their door

Tallman Fire Department in Tallman New York take delivery of their door system

FDNY Ladder 112 - Engine 277, Brooklyn, New York
takes delivery of their door and receives the Train the Trainers session


The East Brunswick Fire Department in New Jersey receive hands on training and delivery of their new door system

Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department, Hyattsville, Maryland pick up their door and receives the Train the Trainers session

Citizens Fire Company #1 in Palmyra, PA pick up door and receive owners training.

Summit Station Fire Co., Summit Station, Pennsylvania

pick up their door and receives the Train the Trainers session


Mason City, Iowa Fire Department

Mason City (Iowa) Fire Department breaking down doors with Firehouse Innovations forcible entry door simulator. Firefighter Neil Maki taking first swing on February 18, 2016 at new training device provided by local foundations (Bertha Stebens Charitable Foundation & Farrer Endowment), business (Independent Insurance Agents of Cerro Gordo County, Tony’s Nails & Spa & Cartersville Elevator) and local business leaders (Elaine & Socrates Pappajohn).

FDNY Ladder 122 - Engine 220, Brooklyn, New York
takes delivery of their door and receives the Train the Trainers session

FDNY Engine 220 Ladder 122 Get Forcible Entry Door


Noroton Heights Fire Department, Darien, Connecticut

takes delivery of their door and receives the Train the Trainers session


FDNY Ladder 156 – Engine 276   Brooklyn, New York 
takes delivery of their door and receives the Train the Trainers session

Winslow Township Fire District #1, Sicklerville, New Jersey 
takes delivery of their door and receives the Train the Trainers session.


Branford Connecticut Firefighters receive their door and training from Mike Perrone

The North White Plains Fire Department in Westchester County receive their door and some training

The East Hampton New York Volunteer Fire Department receive their new door

Tarrytown Firefighters in Westchester County, New York receive their door

Orange New Jersey Firefighters receive their door delivery

West Hampton, New York Fire Department take delivery of their door

The New Hyde Park Volunteer Fire Department receives their forcible entry door

Englishtown, New Jersey receive their forcible entry door

City of Fitchburg, Wisconsin pick up 2 doors

Paramus, New Jersey receives door delivery

Engine 58  Ladder 26  of the FDNY
Our brothers up in Harlem  take delivery of their door. 

FDNY Engine 28 / Ladder 11

Mike and Chief John Rail meet at door delivery to Engine 28 and Ladder 11 Manhattan FDNY. Both Mike and Chief Rail played football for the Brooklyn Mariners, many years ago, who were coached at the time by the legendary Lt. Puggie Walsh L-147.

Franklin Lakes FD NJ pick up their door

Lake Hiawatha Fire Department  in New Jersey receiving Department Training from Firehouse Innovations, Corp. on Sunday, August 3, 2014 Good time had by all.

Click here for more images from the Lake Hiawtha, NJ drill.

North Patchogue Fire Department Door Delivery, Setup, and Train the Trainers by Firehouse Innovations, Corp. on July 17, 2014

Click here for more images from the North Patchogue Drill.

Watervliet FD / Watervliet, NY get their door delivered and a train the trainers session

Watervliet FD, New York Door Delivery & Train The Trainers Session - click here to see more pics

Yaphank Fire Department - Long Island, New York

Yaphank FD training night - click here to see more pics

Rio Rancho Fire Department - Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Upon visiting New Mexico to see his son play professional baseball in the Pecos league for the Taos Blizzard, Mike stopped in on a great bunch of guys at the Rio Rancho firehouse that has a Multi-Force door.

click here to see more photos from Mike's visit

Wexford Fire Department



Baton Rouge Louisiana Fire Department

Fort Meyers Fire Academy

The Liverpool, NY Fire Department

Norwalk Fire Department, Norwalk, Connecticut

Norwalk Fire Department Instructors get their door - Norwalk, CT

(click image to enlarge)

Forcible Entry Training At The Passaic County Fire Academy, New Jersey

Passaic County Fire Academy in New Jersey Instructors get 2 doors to teach with.

(click image to enlarge)

Forcible Entry Training in North Haledon, NJ

(click the image to see more images from this training)

Locust Valley Fire Department - Long Island, New York 

On Thursday, August 27th the members of the LVFD were treated to a special training session with Mike Perrone from Firehouse Innovations. Mike is the founder and creator of the Multi-Force Forcible Entry Door System and a 28-yr member of the FDNY.

Mike, along with another FDNY member, Danny, held a 3-hour training session focusing on all aspects of forcible entry including the importance of gapping, conventional forcible entry, inward opening doors, outward opening doors, wood jams, angle iron/high security doors, etc.... The members of the LVFD learned more in this short 3 hour span than they learned in the many classes they have attended at our own Fire Academy.


"Mike, I’d just like to take a moment to thank you and Danny for a great training.  Your door is basically a dream come true to the fire service and to forcible entry training.  The ability to force multiple types of doors and in both directions in training has been a long time coming, and you’ve done it!

As you’ve always taught, be sure to have a plan A, B, C and so on, for the worst case scenario.  It’s great to be able to actually demonstrate each plan of attack as the door gets harder to force.  Your Multi-Force door allows the newest probie, to learn size-up and tool placement, as well as challenging senior members with extra wood or placing some angle iron that is so prominent in today’s  high security world, that hinders our entry every day.

When both a probie and a former Chief of Department with 20 plus years, each approached  you to tell you how much they’ve learned in a few short hours about the art of forcible entry and the halligan, I think you have succeeded in keeping the fire service tradition of passing on knowledge alive.

The truest recommendation that I can make to anyone is to simply purchase your door, and / or have a training session.  It is a great training prop and will give all members a great experience in forcing doors, over and over without the worry of having to fix it each time.  This tool will prepare the entire membership for the hardest doors they will face while operating on the fire ground".

- Bill Bedell / Floral Park Fire Department, Floral Park, NY

"My name is Tony Iliano and attended the drill put on by Perry FD on Monday April 6th. My Lieutenant is big on forcible entry and not just getting in a door, but like you said, being a professional about it. Mike, you have come up with one heck of a simulator.  The beating that door took and the turnaround time for teams to rotate through was great. The information you and Dan possess and shared with us can't be stressed enough. I've been a fireman for 8 years and that was one of the best drills, personally, I've attended.  Some fireman think they can use the irons and get through doors once they get sworn in with no practice. The drill today showed how silly that is as most of us at one point or another had to be shown the how's and why's we do things. I'm looking forward to showing the guys back at the station what we learned.  I really can't wait to use these skills on the fireground. Thanks again and best of luck to you".

 - Tony Iliano / Painesville Township Fire Department, Painesville, OH

"Mike what an outstanding product!  And the training that you and Dan gave us was unbelievable, I learned more about forcible entry and the many different ways to use a halligan bar in four hours then I have in the past ten years.  T he little nuances or as you like to say “the power of the adz” blew me away.  We have had the product since April 6, 2009 (only four days now), but we have yet been able to walk past it without setting it up for a quick force.  It does my heart good to walk out into the bays and see one or two guys just playing with it.  Before this prop, if we were lucky, we would only be able to force one or two doors every couple of years, never really having an opportunity to try out different techniques and only a few guys being able to do the force before the door and frame were damaged beyond realistic value or using props that are good for techniques but just unrealistic.  The days of us using/teaching one or two ways of forcing a door are now gone and the let’s “pretend” days are dead and buried.  Now I can rotate an eight man crew through four different techniques with realistic resistance and that beloved popping/cracking sound in less than two hours, with no down time between forces!  I have already noticed the confidence level of my crew, from the oldest to the youngest, increasing with every force we do".

- Lieutenant Tim Sitz / Perry Joint Fire District, Perry, OH

"Our department was preparing to open a forty million dollar training facility and we were in need of a forcible entry door prop. A co-worker attended the forcible entry class at FDIC and told me the prop they used in the class was awesome. I discovered the door prop was built by Firehouse Innovations, Corp. Since we have purchased the door prop over two hundred of our members have used it. The evaluations we received from members who used the prop are extremely favorable and the common denominator is how realistic it feels. To have that many firefighters use something, and all of them say only good things about it, is unheard of in the fire service. The door is sturdy and rigid and I anticipate many years of trouble-free, hands-on training".  

- Douglas B. Watson / Training Captain / Palm Beach County, FL Fire Rescue
Training & Safety Division

Prospect Park Fire Company, Delaware County, Pennsylvania

"Mike, Thanks again from all the members of Prospect Park Fire Co. and the neighboring departments who had the pleasure of attending today.  We very much enjoyed the class and the door prop. The techniques you and Dan reviewed will surely enhance the skills, young and old, of all the members who attended. Your door prop by far is the most versatile and practical of the doors we have looked at. The door prop provides excellent opportunities for training members in all facets of conventional forcible entry which has become a lost art".

Deputy Chief Dennis Gallagher / Prospect Park Fire Company, Delaware County, PA

Delivery & Train the Trainers - Central Nyack Fire District, West Nyack, New York

Delivery & Train the Trainers - Croton Volunteer Fire Department, Croton-on-the-Hudson, New York

Door Delivery - FDNY Engine 9 / Ladder 6. Chinatown, New York

Department Drill - 10/24/2010 - Centerport Fire Department, Centerport, New York

Delivery & Train the Trainers - LaGrange Fire Department, Poughkeepsie, New York

 Delivery & Train the Trainers - Mastic Fire District, New York


Delivery & Train the Trainers - Oyster Bay Fire Department, Oyster Bay, New York

Delivery & Train the Trainers - Pearl River Fire District, Pearl River, New York

Delivery & Train the Trainers - Purchase Fire District, Purchase, New York

2nd Training Day - June 12, 2010 - Sayville Fire Department, Sayville, New York

Delivery & Full Dept. Training - Warminster Fire Department, Warminster, PA

Delivery & Train the Trainers - Westbury Fire & Water District, Westbury, New York

343 DOOR

As most firefighters already know, 343 was the number of firefighters that the FDNY lost on 911.

The "343"rd door sold by Firehouse Innovations was delivered back in June of 2013. It was fittingly sold to Fort Drum Fire Dept , Fort Drum NY. Home of the (10th Mountain Division) which fought so bravely in Afghanistan. Since then many more doors have been sold by us here at Firehouse Innovations, but none with the significance of that one. To the soldiers at Fort Drum and to all our armed forces, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO THIS COUNTRY. Keep our soldiers in your hearts and in your prayers.



Ballston Spa Fundraiser - New York

Mike and Lt. Tom Farragher, also of L-175, bring Multi-Force door and Crush-door prop up to Ballston Spa NY for a fundraiser put together by our brothers from SQ-41 FDNY.  Excellent job brothers. Great cause, and a great time. click here to see more photos from this great event.

FDNY Engine 161 / Ladder 81

I had the honor of delivering this special door to FDNY's  Engine 161 and Ladder 81 on Staten Island. A memorial plaque is attached to both sides of the top header on the door in memory of their fallen brother LT. Matt Ambelas who made the supreme sacrifice fighting a fire in Brooklyn while working in Ladder 119. Matt was assigned to Ladder 81 for 14 years before getting promoted to Lieutenant . Rest in peace Matt and may God watch over your family. 


Long Island Fire / EMS Mega Show - Long Island, NY - February 2011

Middletown, NY - March 2009


Montgomery Township Volunteer Fire Company #2 in Blawenburg, New Jersey receive their new door and some training from Firehouse Innovations Corp.'s - Mike Perrone.

E-271 L-124 FDNY get their door. The training was fun and the guys were great

Kenilworth New Jersey Fire Department get their door along with some train the trainers training

E-279 L-131 FDNY get their door in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY

Setauket FD. Long Island NY get their door and training.

E-153 L-77 FDNY Staten Island, NY get their door

North Lindenhurst NY Fire Department take delivery of their door and training

Hackensack FD in New Jersey take delivery and training with their door

Great Barrington Fire Department in The Berkshires of Massachusetts get their door and dept training

East Fishkill Fire Department in Putnam County, New York take delivery of a Multi-Force Door

East Williston Fire Department in Long Island takes delivery of their door and training from Firehouse Innovations Corp.

Article From The East Brandywine Fire Company's Website

West Point Fire Department - West Point Military Academy - West Point, NY

West Point FD at the West Point Military Academy in Newburg, NY get their door. Behind the door are the cannons that they use at the Army football games. How cool is that ? Click here to see more photos from this training.

Stewart Airport & Air Force Base Fire Department - Newburgh, New York

The same day that we delivered West Point's door, we delivered Stewart Air Force Base's door. Click here for more photos.

Spring Lake Fire Department, Kingston, New York
Takes delivery of their Multi-Force door, and train the trainers training.

Union County Fire Science Academy, Linden New Jersey
Takes delivery of 2 doors, and train the trainers training

Veterans Affairs Fire Department, Northport New York
Door Delivery

Pequannock Fire Department, Pequannock New Jersey
Takes delivery and train the trainer training.

Brick Fire Academy, Brick Township, New Jersey
Door delivery

Demarest Fire Department, Demarest New Jersey
Brothers from Demarest FD pick up their door.

Trenton Fire Department - Trenton, New Jersey

Trenton Fire Department in Trenton, NJ receive their Multi-Force Door & a train the trainer session

Uniondale Fire Fire Department - Long Island, New York

Uniondale FD, Uniondale NY receive their door, and a train the trainers class same night.

Riverhead Fire Department - Long Island, New York

Great day of training at the Riverhead Fire Department - click here to see more photos

Ridgefield Fire Department - Ridgefield, New Jersey

Ridgefield FD, Ridgefield NJ get their door - Click here to see more photos

Eastport Fire Department - Long Island, New York

Great night of training with the brothers at Eastport FD on Long Island NY. Click here to see photos from this amazing turnout.

FDNY Engine 318 / Ladder 166 receive their own door

Florida Fire District - Florida, NY pickup their door.

Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Deptartment / Bethel, Connecticut receive their door delivery and training

Stony Hill Fire Department in Bethel Connecticut get Forcible Entry Simulator Prop

Old Saybrook Fire Department in Connecticut Pick Up Their Door

Rockaway Borough Fire Department receive new door and training in quarters

Rockaway NJ Fire Department Forcible Entry Training - Firehouse Innovations Corp.

Guys from Orange MA. came down to pick up their door. Instead of disassembling their door and putting it into the back of their pick-up truck, they decided to leave it fully assembled and just strap it down on their flat bed trailer. Stay safe guys and train well.

orange MA Fire get a forcible entry door simulator from firehouse innovations corp.

Springfield New Jersey Fire dept. get their door

Ladder 83, Engine 163 Staten Island FDNY get their door

FDNY Engine 163 Ladder 83 Receive Forcible Entry Door Simulator

Monroe Volunteer Fire Department in PA pick up their door

Inwood Fire Department in Long Island, NY get their door.

Middletown, NY  Fire department take delivery of their door and train the trainers training.


The training props featured in this site and in our videos are designed by Mike Perrone and are
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