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"My name is Tony Iliano and attended the drill put on by Perry FD on Monday April 6th. My Lieutenant is big on forcible entry and not just getting in a door, but like you said, being a professional about it. Mike, you have come up with one heck of a simulator.  The beating that door took and the turnaround time for teams to rotate through was great. The information you and Dan possess and shared with us can't be stressed enough. I've been a fireman for 8 years and that was one of the best drills, personally, I've attended.  Some fireman think they can use the irons and get through doors once they get sworn in with no practice. The drill today showed how silly that is as most of us at one point or another had to be shown the how's and why's we do things. I'm looking forward to showing the guys back at the station what we learned.  I really can't wait to use these skills on the fireground. Thanks again and best of luck to you".

 - Tony Iliano / Painesville Township Fire Department, Painesville, OH

"Mike what an outstanding product!  And the training that you and Dan gave us was unbelievable, I learned more about forcible entry and the many different ways to use a halligan bar in four hours then I have in the past ten years.  T he little nuances or as you like to say “the power of the adz” blew me away.  We have had the product since April 6, 2009 (only four days now), but we have yet been able to walk past it without setting it up for a quick force.  It does my heart good to walk out into the bays and see one or two guys just playing with it.  Before this prop, if we were lucky, we would only be able to force one or two doors every couple of years, never really having an opportunity to try out different techniques and only a few guys being able to do the force before the door and frame were damaged beyond realistic value or using props that are good for techniques but just unrealistic.  The days of us using/teaching one or two ways of forcing a door are now gone and the let’s “pretend” days are dead and buried.  Now I can rotate an eight man crew through four different techniques with realistic resistance and that beloved popping/cracking sound in less than two hours, with no down time between forces!  I have already noticed the confidence level of my crew, from the oldest to the youngest, increasing with every force we do".

- Lieutenant Tim Sitz / Perry Joint Fire District, Perry, OH

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