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"Our department was preparing to open a forty million dollar training facility and we were in need of a forcible entry door prop. A co-worker attended the forcible entry class at FDIC and told me the prop they used in the class was awesome. I discovered the door prop was built by Firehouse Innovations, Corp. Since we have purchased the door prop over two hundred of our members have used it. The evaluations we received from members who used the prop are extremely favorable and the common denominator is how realistic it feels. To have that many firefighters use something, and all of them say only good things about it, is unheard of in the fire service. The door is sturdy and rigid and I anticipate many years of trouble-free, hands-on training".  

- Douglas B. Watson / Training Captain / Palm Beach County, FL Fire Rescue
Training & Safety Division

Mike, all members of my firehouse recently participated in the initial training you provided in Palm Beach County, Fl. Our department was fortunate enough to have purchased the Multi-Force Door System. My firehouse is one of the busiest in the department. Our primary response area consists of many challenging residential, commercial, and multiple residential high-rise buildings. Since this training, my companies had many occasions to apply the techniques learned in “real world” application. I am absolutely astonished at the dramatic improvement in the confidence level of my firefighters. The logical steps you taught have contributed to our success rate in gaining entry to these occupancies in a profoundly efficient manner. This type of “back to the basics” training has served us well by enhancing the knowledge, skills and abilities of my personnel. I’ve manage to attend training seminars all over the country. Like many who love the job, I consider all training to be relative and useful. However, in my 19-years of professional service, I have never experienced such immediate and positive results. I commend you for the first-class, high quality training you’re providing. The Multi-Force Door System will have a positive impact in the career of thousands of firefighters. Best regards.

- Captain Sean Pamplona / Engine Co. 55  - Palm Beach County Fire Rescue


The training props featured in this site and in our videos are designed by Mike Perrone and are
available through Firehouse Innovations, Corp. which is owned and operated
by Mike Perrone.  All props are made in the U.S.A.

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