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I’d just like to take a moment to thank you and Danny for a great training.  Your door is basically a dream come true to the fire service and to forcible entry training.  The ability to force multiple types of doors and in both directions in training has been a long time coming, and you’ve done it!

As you’ve always taught, be sure to have a plan A, B, C and so on, for the worst case scenario.  It’s great to be able to actually demonstrate each plan of attack as the door gets harder to force.  Your Multi-Force door allows the newest probie, to learn size-up and tool placement, as well as challenging senior members with extra wood or placing some angle iron that is so prominent in today’s  high security world, that hinders our entry every day.

When both a probie and a former Chief of Department with 20 plus years, each approached  you to tell you how much they’ve learned in a few short hours about the art of forcible entry and the halligan, I think you have succeeded in keeping the fire service tradition of passing on knowledge alive.

The truest recommendation that I can make to anyone is to simply purchase your door, and / or have a training session.  It is a great training prop and will give all members a great experience in forcing doors, over and over without the worry of having to fix it each time.  This tool will prepare the entire membership for the hardest doors they will face while operating on the fire ground.

Bill Bedell    
Floral Park Fire Department
Floral Park, NY

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